Omnibus Global Agro Trading Co. is Focused on Promoting The Agro Commodities Trading Business in Nigeria and operates within the Small, Medium And Large Scale segments of the Nigerian Agro Economy.

We Are Involved In The Sourcing, Supply And Export Processes of The Following Commodities: Cassava, Charcoal, Cashew nut, Cocoa beans, Ginger, Sesame Seed, Soya beans, Palm Kernel Shell, Palm Kernel Fruit, Palm Kernel Cake, And Palm Kernel Oil

Omnibus Global Agro Trading Co. helps Importers of Nigerian agro commodities to Process Their Import Orders/Requests, Sourcing High Quality Products That Meet Importer Specifications.

Omnibus Global Agro Trading Co. also helps Nigerian agro commodity farmers and traders sell their products to local and international buyers, thereby standing as trader, importer, exporter representatives, facilitators, liaisons, agents, brokers, and trade partners, making sure that local traders, importers, and exporters of Nigerian agro commodities carry out any intended transactions seamlessly, satisfactorily, and thus successfully.

Some of the agribusiness processes we undertake include:
1. Trade/export business training
2. Trade/export business planning
3. Trade/export contract sourcing
4. Trade/export produce sourcing
5. Processing Trade/export GIT insurance and haulage
6. Securing warehouses
7. Produce inspection processes
8. Trade/export documentations
9. Trade/ export produce quality check, specification, classification, pricing, packaging and laboratory analysis.

We Also provide Small, Medium, to Large Scale Would Be Local Traders And Exporters With:
1. Enlightenment and Training
2. Export Support Services Provision
3. Export Business Execution Services

Enlightenment and Training:
The human capacity development products and services being provided by us include, training on export business opportunities, providing highly educative Export information for the public totally Free Of Charge via our website, publishing a quarterly export magazine (where trade research, development, feasibility reports on commodity processing plants, and other export information are made available).

Export support services provision:
Through this, we offer products and services that assist Local Traders And Exporters in Growing their businesses. These Include; Export Planning Service, Contract Sourcing Service, Export market information, Local Market Prices, Commodity Supplier’s Contacts, Export Logistics Information and Trade finance information.

Export business execution services:
Our Trade Execution Services assist new exporters to passively do the export business. The services include Aggregated Export Service, Trade Execution for Arm chair exporters, and Trade Execution for Investors. The trade execution service assists the exporters from contract sourcing to the point of payment by the buyer. The exporter will only be involved with the pre-export documentation processes, every other export operation will be done on behalf of the exporters by us.

Generally, We Serve As Strategic Business Delivery Partners to our customers.

We Are Different Because We Understand What Quality Means. Providing Our Customers High Quality Produce And Services Is Not Only Good For Them But Also Excellent For Us, Because By This We Encourage More Customers To Deal With Us.

Please, kindly send in your Cassava, Charcoal, Cashew nut, Cocoa beans, Ginger, Sesame Seed, Soya beans, Palm Kernel Shell, Palm Kernel Fruit, Palm Kernel Cake, And Palm Kernel Oil Import Requests To: 
Skype: omnibuscompany.

Omnibus Global Agro Trading Co.
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Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos.
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Omnibus Global Agro Trading Co.
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